Best Live shows of 2020

I normally review my top 5 best live acts of the year around this time... but thanks to 2020 I’ve not actually got that many to choose from. So I thought I’d review everyone I did manage to see, before the world stopped, so you know which acts are worth setting ticket sales alarms for... Continue Reading →

Ones to watch: British bands which will be taking over the festival scene next summer.

Right, so I’ve been thinking about all the incredible bands I’ve seen locally over the summer, and I’ve condensed them into a strong list of six! I’ve included these acts because I believe they could take over the festival scene in the upcoming years, and who knows maybe even the world! All of these bands... Continue Reading →

Highly Suspect Live review!

Highly Suspect are the three time Grammy-nominated alternative rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The three piece consists of Johnny Stevens on vocals and lead guitar, Ryan Meyer on Drums and Rich Meyer on bass, all of whom returned to the UK this week for a headlining tour of their second album ‘The Boy Who Died... Continue Reading →

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