Ones to watch: British bands which will be taking over the festival scene next summer.

Right, so I’ve been thinking about all the incredible bands I’ve seen locally over the summer, and I’ve condensed them into a strong list of six! I’ve included these acts because I believe they could take over the festival scene in the upcoming years, and who knows maybe even the world! All of these bands are VERY different, so I hope my descriptions help to see whether you will like them or not! I am also aware that some of these bands are well known already, but I still think they’re massively underrated! Here we go…

Yonaka- This alternative rock band are honestly one of the best new rock bands I’ve heard in years. Lead singer Theresa Jarvis’ voice is incredible; Yonaka’s songs scream power and ooze classic pop/rock vibes which the genre hasn’t seen in years. They remind me of American band Tonight Alive’s Lonely Girl era, but even better! They supported Bring Me The Horizon on their European tour last year, and BMTH’s previous support Pierce The Veil and Don Broco would probably agree that they have good taste.

Larkins- If you’ve ever wanted to know what would happen if The 1975 (GOOD OLD 1975) and The Wombats had a music baby, then look no further.  The Larkin’s honestly have potential to be THE indie band for the new generation of kids getting into the indie genre; they have already sold out the Albert Hall in their hometown of Manchester, and I can envision their stage presence and performance being a hit at Leeds/Reading’s BBC Radio 1 stage already.

Post Romantics- I may be biased with these because I’m a sucker for night time driving bands, but if you’re not into that, I also recommend them for a post breakup boogie. I’ve put them in this list, because I can picture them at an obscure stage at 3am at Glastonbury and I would definitely be there!

Inhaler – Although me telling you that the lead singer is Bono’s son should entice you enough to give this band a listen already, Inhaler have legs to stand on without the name drop. They remind me somehow of both Circa Waves and Blossoms blended into one, creating the perfect seaside vibes. Lead singer Elijah Hewson’s vocals are guaranteed to blow away crowds at The Pyramid Stage, at some point in their future.

The Blinders- Another great rock band with huge potential to fill some of the biggest festival slots in the future. Their heavy riffs and raspy vocals remind me of Kasabian but with a new twist, which I can’t quite put my finger on. All I do know is that their individual style and great tunes will be known in households all across England.

Velvet Shakes – These have an infectious jazzy style which can only be compared to Tame Impala. As soon as I hear their tunes I want to jump on a space ship, with a load of funky aliens and dance around the sun. If that doesn’t make you want to listen I don’t know what will. They would go down a treat at the Shangri-La section, of Glastonbury.

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