Não amor, amo?

Bring Me The Horizon’s latest album ‘amo’ is causing a stir amongst fans, but why, really why? I’ve seen one to many comments calling the band out, for not being ‘heavy’ enough and evolving their sound. BUT, I am going to explain why I think this album is the most ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ album, to date. 

I went watching the Sheffield band perform an acoustic set, in their hometown last weekend. And, although the members may have been a little drunk (it was the last set of the day) I couldn’t help but notice Oli putting himself down. He asked fans to help him with the words to ‘in the dark’, as he’s ‘not a great singer’.  To be honest I have seen BMTH numerous times throughout their career and no singing was never Oli’s strong point. At least that’s what I thought, before seeing them perform at Alexandra Palace late last year, in which Oli’s vocals blew me away. They proved it wasn’t just a one off, with their performance on daytime show, Sunday Brunch, their Live Lounge set with Annie-Mac and once again at Church-Temple of Fun, in Sheffield at the weekend.  

All bands grow. To the people who are moaning the album isn’t ‘heavy’, go back and listen to Suicide Season, but don’t expect a band to make the same album time and time again just because you can’t grow out of your 15 year old phase (and probably your mums spare room). Amo has so many elements, which we associate with Bring Me The Horizon. For example, the outro of ‘Nihilist Blues’ has the same church inspired vibe as the whole ‘Sempiternal’, the introduction to the album could easily be an interlude on ‘There is a Hell (…)’ and ‘i don’t know what to say’ has the same anthemic, powerful essence as ‘Doomed’, from the previous album.  It has everything that we loved Bring Me The Horizon for, just this time there’s more to it.  

Oli’s Spotify playlist back around 2015 introduced me to acts I love now, like Mura Masa, Blinkie and Charli Xcx, which made me explore other genres more.  I think artists like this, have influenced this album. This makes me a happy journalist, because the band haven’t created an album to please a load of metal heads, they’ve made an album inspired by their own music tastes to make something that they enjoy too. And yes, these are alternative, pop artists, but a lot of pop is great too.  

So, now that my rants over the ‘haters’ can decide whether to take my thoughts into consideration and widen your mind to accepting new multi-genres and getting excited about the progress of the band (and the progress is proven by ‘amo’ being the band’s first number one album). Or stop moaning that it’s not Slayer and listen to Slayer instead.  

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