The return of YouTube disstracks and tempo changes…

Songs having a style change halfway through isn’t a new thing, however Travis Scott’s ‘Sicko Mode’ from his album Astroworld, has brought it into the pop genre and YouTube stars are jumping on the latest music trend.

Dramtatic style changes mid way through songs seems to have worked well within the rock genre with artists such as Queen, Paul Mcartney and Pink Floyd making huge hits out of the strange style. Recent artists such as Franz Ferdinand with ‘Take Me Out’ and Twenty Øne Piløts with ‘Ode to Sleep’ have also made a success out of style changes, however Sicko Mode seems to have taken the style to a whole new platform.

The YouTube disstracks are back (yes, I thought we left them in 2017 too) and every song released by the likes of Randolph, Deji and KSI switches the style of the song in the middle. Even YouTuber Miniminter has noticed it, as in his reaction video he says ‘Why’s everyone switching up the beat, I like it, but why?!’ I couldn’t agree more, when Randolph released his 3 minute long disstrack and changed the style completely mid way through, it was surprising and something the audience hadn’t seen in any of the disstracks last year. All of the tracks seem to transition well and stop the audience being bored of yet another disstrack. Now though, at least 4 have been made the audience now expects it, so they need to come up with something new to keep the audience interested if they’re going to keep making the tracks (Tbh I’d rather the disstracks than the boxing).

As for tempo changes in songs in the charts, I think we will be seeing a lot more of them in 2019. ‘Sicko Mode’ isn’t the only song on Travis Scott’s Astroworld that changes pace, songs such as ‘Stargazing’ will definitely make a feature on the charts, if they are released. Other artists (not just on YouTube) have probably also caught on the success of ‘Sicko Mode’ and might try the trend.

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