Georgia Fearn – L’Amour Review!

Summer has only just ended, but not to fear as Georgia Fearn’s latest single L’Amour will make your French holiday vibes last throughout the frosty seasons.

Georgia is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Wales, she has 1,239 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her latest release L’Amour from debut her album Perfect on Paper, which was released March of this year, has an astonishing 20,667 listens already.

It’s no wonder as the infectious French influenced opening track L’Amour has you intrigued within the first 10 seconds.

The accordion is something which is rarely heard in the popular music genre, however Georgia seems to make it work, as the mysterious opening of the instrument and introduction to Georgia’s voice lures you in. She gracefully  speaks ‘You told me you were leaving, because I smoked too many cigarettes, I broke the bad habit and I drove straight you your address,  I saw you pressing your lips to someone new, my walk home was lonely I didn’t know what to do  it’s time to break another bad habit, you.’ This poetic line makes the song instantly relatable for teens who have been through heartbreak.

The engaging bittersweet relationship theme runs throughout the song, shown especially in the chorus, to which she says ‘I’m high on love’, which suggests she feels like love is a drug.

Georgia lyricist talent shines through in this song with lyrics such as ‘‘he made hell feel like home and he’s breaking my heart.’ Her vocals equally as impressive, as the passion and hurt behind the lyrics can be heard through her vocals. Particularly in the chorus line ‘I’m high, so L’amour’. This sounds sarcastic, like she has had enough with this feeling, but she can’t escape as love is an addictive drug which she is high from.

She touches on other teenage themes, such as being stuck in a close minded society with the lyrics ‘don’t touch my soul with your dirty hands’ it’s a small town with small minded people and plans.’

Overall the 17 year old’s latest release is a real showcase of her talents and stands out within the alternative/indie genre. The positive French-style sound mixed with the sad lyrics and Georgia’s quirky heartfelt vocals are something that the genre was missing, not anymore.

If you want to join her 1,239 monthly listeners, check out L’amour and the rest of her debut album on Spotify now!


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