Don Broco at Manchester Academy!! Friday 16th February 2018.

Don Broco are a four piece alternative rock band from Bedford, although if you attended their gig at Manchester Academy on Friday night, you would think that they were a pop artist as the crowd was full of your typical ‘lads’ that are usually found at events, such as ParkLife and Leeds Fest.

The quartet, consists of lead singer Rob Damiani, guitarist Simon Delaney, Luke Rayner and Matt Donnelly on drums and vocals. The four Bedford boys had the crowd in the palm of their hands from the second they walked on stage to the eery postmodern song ‘Pretty’, as they had began a circle pit by the second verse.

The lighting was mesmerising, using similar colours to The 1975 on their previous tour and detailed set up, which you would expect from a band playing a larger venue, such as Manchester Apollo or Manchester Arena.

Don Broco played a set combining songs from all of their albums even including the title track from their ‘thug workout’ EP, in which the crowd somehow managed to find enough space to perform press-ups, copying the band’s actions in the music video. The four-piece sang multiple tracks off their previous album, Automatic, such as summer radio rock anthems ‘You wanna Know’ and the song that they are probably most known for ‘Money, Power Fame’. Although, that wasn’t evident as the crowd gave the same incredible response to every song, by chanting to not only every word, but the tune of the guitar aswell.

The Bedford band also performed multiple songs from their latest album ‘Technology’, only released on February the second, which mixes catchy pop lyrics with heavy backing instruments churning out sounds similar to Enter Shikari’s earlier sound. They performed a live debut of ‘Greatness’ because in Rob’s words ‘Manchester is great’. They ended the set with the end of show anthem ‘T-Shirt Song’ in which the crowd followed the the lyric ‘I take my t shirt off, swing it around my head’, ending the show on a high.

Overall, Don Broco put on an arena standard performance, perhaps forshadowing their future, as their fan base is expanding by the second with the band getting regular plays on ‘MTV rocks’ and ‘Kerrang!’ their future is certainly looking ‘Pretty’.

Turn it up tracks:

Stay Ignorant
You Wanna Know
T-Shirt Song

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